Cooperative community Apo Kinou

We believe in collectivism …… we strive against solitude.

We dream of a hospitable society founded on self-sufficiency and solidarity, one that does not take advantage of our fellow people or Mother Nature. And we put this into practice starting first with ourselves.

"Apo Kinou" has three interrelated parts:

- Cultivation - the farming of fresh, good quality and nutritious products with natural techniques.

-Education - schooling that implements alternative teaching techniques that above all are just and based on love.

- Culture - the spread of traditional arts, crafts and cultural progress.

The underlying purpose of the cooperative "Apo Kinou" is to put in place the foundations for an autonomous and harmonious micro-economy that is opposed to profit-making and deception.




Every things starts from the seed



Cooking collectively



A lifestyle with ethics



Raising children

sillogikaOur basic and primary concern is food production. Without this, nothing else is possible. In every society where the primary production brings self-sufficiency and prosperity to its people, a space is created to search deep into our internal culture; our mind and our soul. It is no accident that the Latin word 'cultura' means cultivation.

We cultivate and by doing so we are an active part of the community we live in and its people. We are a self-sufficient social cooperative!


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    Heraklion, Crete, Greece

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    +30 2810823511-2810822469

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    +30 6948823131

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