Circle of the Cooperative Community Apo Koinou

With love and hard work, we plant our seasonal vegetables and we watch them grow as they complete their circle of life: we weed them, we take care of them, until the time arrives for them to become the most delicious and nutritious components of our daily meals.
With affection we care for our animals and nourish them with our own 100% biological feed. Therefore our milk, cheese and eggs are home-produced.

We don’t use any chemicals on our land and no drugs are given to our animals. We don’t use cheap labour and we do not exploit our producers.

Our wonderful, freshly picked seasonal products are available to order and we deliver to your door! (only available in the Heraklion area)

For questions, inquiries and telephone order you can contact us at: +302810823511, +302810822469, +306948823131

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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