It’s not by chance that the latin word cultura means cultivation. Marcus Tullius Cicero, a Roman philosopher used this word metaphorically, for the first time to signify cultivation of the soul, while later in the Renaissance period, the humanists attributed the word to mean "cultivation of the mind".

In every society, when the primary production brings self-sufficiency and prosperity to their people, an opportunity arises for the searching of an "internal culture"; education, spiritual quest, the development of the arts as a means of expression, cultural identity are all essential to fulfil the individuals needs and form a complete individual.

That's why in our community, like a miniature of a larger one, we strive to develop these areas equally, in every possible way. We start by trying to live a life where we embrace principles, values and ethics.

One of the basic principles of our cooperative is to fully engage with the people and society around us. After all we are a social cooperative! Our extroversion is expressed not only by our participation in bazaars (annual local Bazaars in local villages), Eco-festivals (En oiko), seed-sharing festivals (Peliti) but also in organizing debates, seminars and exhibitions.

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