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    "Robithi"( the chickpea)  is a small, cheerful, collaborative place of the "apo kinou community" in the center of Heraklion.

    We love healthy and qualitative food.
    Our cooperative producers  use only natural cultivation methods. We don't use additives and chemicals. So our raw materials are pure, healthy and delicious. They are also seasonal (do not complain if you dont find something you love and it is not of the time).
    In our place you also found "food for thought".
    We try before we make any decision to think about its impact on the environment and around us. We don't use cheap labor, but we support small, local producers.

    Also, the members agree on how to grow " the chickpea".

    "Robithi" is a collaborative space. It serves good and delicious food, but also... food for thought


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