Man, by definition is not a selfish and egocentric being, consequently humanity and human relationships prevail, this being the true sense of ‘a gift’ in life; mutual solidarity persists despite the general worldwide commercialization that governs a considerable proportion of interpersonal relations.

In earlier societies there was a desire to equal or even excel in kindness and generosity and societies were entirely absent of ‘commodity relationships’, something that plagues present day relations. There was pleasure in giving, to help, to offer without expectation, similar to concepts inherent in love, loyalty and solidarity. People experienced human relationships as something that mutually enriched their own existence, without which life had no meaning. Friendship and love were based on the desire to give.

Today, with the plague of 'the commodification of everything', relationships are transformed into cold, coded, legal and mechanical relations, at a time when human kindness, warmth and happiness are desired most. For the Greeks concepts such as gifts, hospitality, sense of honour, mutual help etc, that were once part of our deep traditions, have almost completely disappeared. However despite this fading, due to the social deformations of ‘the commodification of everything’, it still remains deep in our own core.

Thus, one of the basic beliefs of our community is in voluntary help, assisting in exchange; lending a hand to the other and vice versa; accepting the offer from the other for our own efforts.

So, with joy, we involve ourselves in different actions of the community and we actively support this type of voluntary help. Known or unknown friends help us in our activities. Young people from Greece and abroad seek to assist in this effort. Natural, those coming from far away are hosted by our community members while they volunteer in our community.   

In this way new human relationships are born and new ideas and messages are transmitted, thus evolving and transferring important cultural elements.

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