The aim of our cooperative is:

The development of an independent community with the creative productive activity mainly by small producers, for a life that is more just and ethical, that is based on sustainability and close harmonious interactions with the environment, while at the same time developing trust in human relations. Our creative activity is based on three main pillars:

  • The production of a wide variety of products and services- small scale with natural methods.
  • Schooling that implements alternative teaching techniques that above all are just and based on love.
  • The spread of traditional arts, crafts and cultural progress.

Naturally, food production is top priority for us because on to this we build the rest of the cultural edifice of our community.


The Principles of the cooperative are:

  • All the Products are exclusively made from our own raw materials. For example, when making the "paximadi" or traditional dried rusk bread, we wanted to learn what the Crete’s elders did right in their diet to live such long, healthy lives. So we sowed local varieties of wheat and barley, we ground them in stone mills into flour together with its fibre, and made it into dough without any further processing. With the help of experienced elders, we knead, mould and finally bake the bread. Thus, the secret of the authentic recipe of the original Cretan mixed, whole-grain bread was re-learned and is maintained in its perfection.
  • "Apo kinou" cultivates exclusively local, traditional varieties of seeds and excludes the use of hybrids. We use natural, ecological methods, without fertilizers or pesticides, and with utmost respect to man, animal and nature, constantly aware of and trying to reduce our ecological footprint. Wherever possible we incorporate the planting of a variety of species, side by side, rather than monocultures, to increase the biodiversity and soil quality.
  • It is of utmost importance to us to constantly try to reduce our ecological footprint and stay local.
  • We believe that it is of utmost importance to gain trust in and knowledge of where our food comes from, so we encourage people to come and visit our farms and talk with us, and, if they want, to become another link in our budding community.
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