We believe in collectivism and we strive against solitude.

We dream of a hospitable society founded on self-sufficiency and solidarity, one that does not take advantage of our fellow people or Mother Nature. And we put this into practice starting first with ourselves.

The self-sufficient cooperative community "Apo Koinou", meaning "Together" and "from the common people", was born in Heraklion, Crete, in the spring of 2013. A variety of people from all walks of life with diverse interests and experiences came together to share a common goal: To live in a way that is more just and ethical, that is based on sustainability, interaction with the environment and with natural arts and crafts, while at the same time developing trust in human relationships.

"Apo Koinou" has three interrelated parts: Cultivation - the farming of fresh, good quality and nutritious products with natural techniques. 2) Education- schooling that implements alternative teaching techniques that above all are just and based on love, 3) Culture- the spread of traditional arts, crafts and cultural progress..

The underlying purpose of the cooperative is to put in place the foundations for an autonomous and harmonious micro-economy that is opposed to profit-making and deception.

Taking into account these three fundamentals, Cultivation, Education and Culture, we aim to prevent these basic necessities from being lost, and more importantly we want to prove that there is indeed an alternative, fulfilling way of living "together".

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