Traditional mixed whole grain rusk bread "Paksimadi" - A taste from the past

Traditional mixed whole grain rusk - Paksimadi Migadi

In the old days, the Cretan diet hid the natural secrets for longevity and wellbeing. One of the most essential components of their daily diet was ‘Paksimadi’ or dried rusk bread. However, the way the rusk bread is prepared today does not resemble the traditional methods used by our Cretan ancestors.

Apo Kinou wanted to discover and bring back the use of the traditional foods and dietary habits known to Crete. Thus, the secret of the authentic recipe of the original Cretan dried bread was re-learned and is maintained in its perfection with all the rich, full flavours of the whole grain.


We sow local varieties of wheat and barley seeds without the use of chemicals and fertilizers by the community (small scale production). We then grind the seeds in a traditional stone mill, together with its fibre, into flour which makes the basic ingredient for our dough without any further processing. There is no white flour in the recipe. It is eaten after it has been moistened with a little water.

How did the authentic recipe for the ‘Paksimadi’ arrive in our hands: In order to gain experience in break making the community became active before starting the production of the rusk bread. Using only our hands the seeds were sown, harvested with a scythe, and threshed to separate the loosened chaff from the edible grain. With the help of experienced elders, the flour was kneaded into dough, again by hand, and then baked in our very own wood oven. It had no resemblance to the industrial prepared dried rusk breads! It was hard but didn’t turn to mush with the addition of a little water. You could say that it is an ‘anti-industrial’ bread full of flavour and nutrition! We decided to produce and sell it, because it tasted familiar, a cherished and authentic taste, a taste from the past

That’s how our mixed whole grain "Paksimadi" with 50% Barely and 50% wheat flour was born.

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